Why Do You Need to Protect Sensitive Files?

Compared with the past lives human beings had been living; now we live in faster and more convenient ways. Instead of horse or carriages, now we can travel with cars, trains, or airplanes, making most long journeys a matter of hours not days. Just like now we can travel to far distant countries covering thousands of miles within few hours, now we can share and transmit information and data with people thousands of miles away within minutes because of the existence of the Internet. The Internet breaks down barriers of communications between people around the world. The Internet forms a new world with rapid data and information exchange and shorter distance, it’s considered as one of greatest creations up to date.

However, nothing is perfect, when we enjoy convenience and fastness brought by the Internet, we need pay more attention to the flaws of this strong technology. When your computer is connected to the Internet, you need to notice the security issues. Never think that you are not charity or officials and your information and data are not valuable for hackers, your personal information or data can be used for identity fraud, immigration fraud, committing cyber crimes, blackmailing people. Hence, if your computer is connected to the Internet, you need to take your file security into consideration.

Now many countries have passed their cyber laws, while the Internet remains an insecure place. Since cyber laws and jurisdiction varies from country to country. Cyber laws in one country may be not applicable in other countries, which makes it possible that one hacker in one country steals information and data of a victim in another county can’t be convicted. Hence it is up to the individual PC owner to protect personal and important files on computer to avoid data leak and data breach. Even though there’s no hacker steal your information or data, what if your laptop is stolen or get lost? How to prevent unauthorized accessed to files/folders on your computer? If you password protect files/folders on the computer in advance, people who even get your computer can’t access them. So you can make your data “safety” in most conditions.