Techniques to Design a Successful Mobile Interface!

When it is about mobile app development, it is important to focus on user interface so as to provide best user-experience to the target audience. User-interfaces need to be impressive as well as should perform well in order to allow users an ease so that they can achieve their goals without any interruption or barriers.

A good UI is a key to a successful application whereas bad UI is the reason of failure. However, when it comes to designing fantastic user interface of your business app, following techniques are useful;

Design with an idea

Great user interfaces are not built just like that. They must be sketched out on paper before building it on softwares. When an idea is sketched out on paper, it is easy and effective to be free from traditional designing limitations and come up with an intuitive design.

Design with a goal

The objective of designing a user interface of a mobile app should be to make it usable and as simple as possible. Simple and user-friendly interface allow users to fulfill their needs and achieve specific goals. For instance, Facebook is designed for users to easily chat and share whereas it is extremely easy to take photos from iPhone photo camera. Therefore, it is extremely easy to design such a UI which helps users to carry out functions so that they can achieve their goals.

Design everything simple

The only key to design an impressive UI is to keep everything simple as much as possible. Complicated interfaces are not helpful and are generally not aimed to facilitate a non-technical audience. When it is about incorporating features, only useful and core features must be added. Advanced features which require technical assistance to use, must be left so as to make the app handling simple and quick for target audience.

Design for non-technical audience

It is not good to assume that your users know about your application the way you do. And if you think they do, you will end up designing such a user-interface which they will suffer with. Every mobile app development company recommends designing for the users company has and not for those the company wishes to have. All of it means, the design must be easy to understand and intuitive.

Test after design

Once you are finished with the design phase, you are now responsible to go through testing phase. Make sure the app is well tested, optimized and receives healthy criticism for improvement. Testing is important to identify possible errors of coding, spelling and other potential errors.

Practices For Effective Mobile App Development!

With the immense opportunities and benefits, companies are looking forward to go with mobile marketing strategy in order to better connect with audience and sell in an effective way.

Due to growing technology and changing environments, the competition has got bigger and it has become challenging to come up with a cost-effective and a functional mobile app. In such situation, it is needed to find a professional mobile apps development company so that it can help you develop a cost-effective and an efficient mobile app.

Approxen is a dynamic and one of the leading mobile apps development companies in Dubai which offers affordable rates and expert mobile handling. Approxen has errorless procedures and follows best practices because it has the best team of young, dedicated, experienced, trained and talented developers. Following are the practices followed by Approxen;

Knowing audience in the beginning

At the beginning phase of development, it is very important to know the audience. Knowing audience can help you specify the purpose of mobile apps development and you will be in better position to design the app accordingly.

Do research on app stores

It is very important that you come up with an errorless and unique solution which can attract your target audience. Before developing the app, it is required that you do a strong research on app stores to confirm whether someone already has the same apps or not. If the same idea is already there on the store, your efforts will go to waste.

Invite users during designing

When it comes to design an effective and functional mobile apps, it is not enough to design only considering the team of designers. The end users must be invited to discuss possibilities and ideas so that all the design aspects are well addressed and the design is translated well to the real world.

Develop a Storyboard

Developing a storyboard means getting all design things and overall functionality of the app on paper so that you can make necessary changes at this stage and come up with flawless development.

Develop simplicity

It is very important to develop simplicity among the functions of the app so that it is easily understood by non-technical audience. In order to maintain simplicity, make sure you do not have too much graphics or images on your app. A lot of things create complexity and it becomes difficult for the audience to grab the important features of the app.

Besides the above practices, it is also very important that the app loads fast. It is because mobile users are impatient and want apps to load fast and if any app takes long to load, they move ahead and download another app.

How To Create A Mobile Application

Nowadays every business has followers and loyal customers. As an entrepreneur would you not want to create an easy access of your products and services for your fans who actually in some way or the other promote your brand? If yes, you must seriously think about creating mobile applications for your business. Mobile apps can help your brand in multiple ways. The core appeal of applications is to create an online tool dedicatedly for smartphones that keeps customers updated of whatever the company does. With portability, cutting-edge enhancements and location targeting, an app is a great way to improve business’s responsiveness. There are few things that you need to keep in mind before designing an app.

1. Message to be send

Way before planning and working on app processing, the businesses thoroughly need to know what they are selling. The businesses need to properly discuss what they are all about and then parallel think about how the app must look and feel like. From logo colours to font, everything needs to be decided properly. The content or the message that the business wants its customers to read must also be given proper notice.

2. Target audience

People interact with their most valuable and favourite brands over mobile applications. The biggest challenge an entrepreneur faces is to know who he making apps is for or in other words who are the target audience. With apps, businesses allow users to experience a different environment with different engagement levels. In order to know who the target audience is, businesses will have to do a thorough survey or research so that they can gain more loyal customers with this commerce opportunity.

3. Goals clarified

Whether or not to launch an app is a critical decision that every business is making these days. Spending money and getting an app prepared is not the job complete, in fact it is only the beginning. Thus the business owners must meticulously evaluate their goals and objectives. Things like number of download on a daily average, or revisiting customers, or app responsiveness, or viral data must be constantly monitored so as to offer best results and gain best roi.

4. Multiplatform apps

One of the biggest tools to achieve instant success in app industry moments after getting it launched is to create a cross platform application. Instead of worrying whether to choose Blackberry over Android or iPhone over Windows, for creating a native app, it would be best to create an app that runs on the entire range of platforms. the mobile companies may be rivals but their users are your customers, so be smart enough in investing money for an app that is friendly for all smartphones irrespective of the platform.

5. Market conditions

Businesses can perform impressive things with the help of apps. By studying the market conditions (based on the theory of demand and supply) a business can easily know whether it is feasible for them to create an app at that very instant or not.

Creative Ways For Marketers To Publish Apps

Apps are getting increasingly used these days. No wonder the cost per installs are also increasing day in day out. With app competitors raising the temperature of the war zone, it is not surprising to know that per app install costs have risen to over 40%. In such tough market conditions it is a necessity for the marketers to come up with creative and beneficial marketing plans that can discover new heights. This article will give insights on how to be creative and innovative in publishing or lunching new apps so that the followers or mobile users may increase the downloads. The following ways will not affect your pockets tremendously.

1. Paid and free

Many of us install apps every now and then on multiple occasions for fun, utility and entertainment. These apps and their downloads run the business of many companies and app developers. When most of the apps can only be installed by paying dollars, a creative way of increasing app attention is to offer apps for free. Yes you heard me right! Free Apps! It may sound totally a crazy idea but it works. The trick is to offer apps for free for a limited period of time and then to charge for every download. This couple of day’s free offer will attract customers and the campaign will be a total hit. It is also advised to offer few in-app purchases for free and after the feature gets consumed the in-app features can be charged. For instance first three levels of a game is for free rest you need to pay a fee.

2. Optimise the reviews

The reviews of the customers who have already used the applications matter a lot. These reviews may result in sudden increase of installs. It’s always a good point o add such reviews as it enhanced the credibility rate. Positive reviews will gain the confidence of the viewers and help in creating long term relationship with the company or the designing firm.

3. Localization

There are multiple regions in a store. Each country has a different store for apps. It would be very naive to think that app users only look for apps in English whereas the reality is that the users may search app in any and every language. The app must be designed for a specific location or a region. The app can be then localized in various languages. This way the app can become globally famous and acceptable.

How to Build Brand Awareness Through Mobile Apps?

Over the past few years the trend of android and iphone application development has gained pace and businesses around the globe are focusing on cashing the opportunity. Through mobile apps, businesses of today are focusing on building better brand awareness which might seem a naive approach at first as building mobile apps can be expensive but if you consider the potential an android or iphone app contains in it and the way it can help you in building you brand awareness over the years, whilst on the other hand advertising cost for the same period of time can be multiple of your app development cost.

In order to build your brand awareness through your mobile app you should make use of the following tips:

Represent values clearly – The way you create value for the brand through your app reflects the company’s character and in order to make it persuading you need to represent your values clearly through your mobile app. This will increase the customer confidence in your brand.

User experience is the king – Never under estimate the power of user experience. You must pass on enough information about your brand while making sure not to push it much to the user. A clearly laid out app design will help in maximizing the user experience, remember easier the app usage, the more it will be used by your customers thus providing maximum awareness about your brand.

Interactivity is good – A small game like that of a doodle makes your mobile app very interactive and interactivity builds value for your brand. By making your user spends time on your app playing a doodle of solving a word problem you actually engage them with your brand.

Keep an eye on competition – What you must look out for is your competitors. Not only that competitors work on the same branding lines as you do but also tries to copy and implement your ideas. There are always black sheep within any organization that could convey your innovative app idea to your competitor. Keep an eye on both of them so that you cash on the first mover advantage instead of your competitor.

In order to create positive brand awareness it is essential to build and rollout an app that connects with your customers and provide a value added advantage be in terms of entertainment, a moral or just adds on to the inquisitive human nature by asking ot solve a question. Every activity has their own outcomes that only an app owner can decide because the outcome will lead to effective awareness creation for your brand.

Solutions To Manage Mobile Application Development Services

Cellular purposes produce substantial solutions to manage an enterprise in a better way. Companies as well as shoppers desire impressive & out-of-the-box portable purposes that offer sophisticated individual experience. The actual portable devices are within huge demand nowadays because the brand applications could be set up in advanced mobile phones. Cellular purposes are meant to run about several portable systems & units such as iOS, Android, Blackberry mobile phones & Telephone.

Nowadays applications are involved to create traditional bank transactions, buy things on-line, settle payments, book a movie ticket, and so on. Hence, end users choose portable purposes pertaining to several platforms similar to iphone in addition to Android to help speak with the companies. Cellular purposes shorten your existence: we can shop, get meal on the bistro, browse the news, and check out the next thunderstorm.

The mobile web sites have certain compensation like the development of portable web sites will be less costly. Furthermore, occasionally it really is simple to sustain all of them, they do not require installation and it is much better to market all of them on the internet. On the other hand, portable applications are definitely more much better because it will increase clients’ stability, & are usually much better to use also you have the opportunity to utilize the actual features involving product (the digital camera, NAVIGATION, and so on… )┬áThis portable purposes progress has benefited many companies in addition to end users. The number of sectors this particular subject has produced an important have an effect on:

  • Amusement in addition to Mass media: portable request is often a giant involving amusement. This portable affords the best amusement purposes similar to motion picture, songs, and games in addition to enjoyment applications.
  • Company: Cellular applications might help companies to offer customer service or perhaps purchase applications, add fruitful applications which enrich customer associations or perhaps experiences, marketing applications while using organization rational property for making money.
  • Efficiency: Most evidently iphone & Android application progress has great positive effect on companies. Several purposes have been created by the actual programmers to raise the actual output with the portable end users. Companies depend upon portable applications to help attract customers with its incredible capabilities.

This portable application pertaining to iphone and Android is easy. Portable application must be requested for the actual fullest features. And so, portable purposes have some important strength.

For being primary with the industry you ought to give attention to the marked audience in addition to customer. In such scenario, your personal portable application pertaining to clients’ service will give you an important advantage between your competitors. Attract the pros and you will probably be give high quality item!