A Smartphone Battery That Won’t Let You Down

A smartphone has evolved over the years – it is now way more than just a calling device. In fact, with so many Android apps (both, informative and entertaining) available on the Google Play Store, multitasking has emerged as something commonplace. Considering this, the smartphone battery has assumed a more important role as these phones have become more advanced. It has been a constant endeavor of honor to equip their smartphones with bigger and more powerful batteries.

Our flagship honor 6 Plus runs on a Kirin octa-core processor and comes with a full-HD display. Given specs like this, it is important to pack the phone with a battery that is equally powerful. That’s why the phone is supported by a Li-Po 3600 mAh battery.

One other model from honor which has been a favourite among consumers and tech enthusiasts alike is the honor 4X. The phone, with its dual 4G capabilities, great cameras, octa-core processor and HD display is supported by a 3,000mAh battery. And for a price of just Rs 9999, the battery size is one of the biggest and its performance complements the size — the battery lasts up to 72 hours with light usage! “With the PC Mark for Android battery life test, we got 10 hours 19 mins battery life, which is quite impressive,” says Nimish Sawant of tech2, “This means that the phone can easily last you a full day to a day and half of regular use cases.”

To further improve the smartphone experience, all honor phones are designed with SmartPower technology that efficiently manages the battery life depending on your usage.

A number of honor users will vouch for this. Writes Vijay Bhadoria, a certified Flipkart buyer of the honor 4X, “Ultra power saver mode can take u a whole day if u have left with only 10% battery too (sic).”

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t capture a beautiful, fleeting moment because the alarm for low battery went off? Or were you on an important call when your phone ran out of juice? honor phones are built to ensure high battery efficiency and less power consumption, so that your phone won’t let you down