5 Ways to Protect your Data in your Flash Drives

For such a small device, flash drives can cause gargantuan security problems to its owners. I read stories about government agencies and institution who suffered data breach due to unencrypted memory devices. Needless to say, this kind of incident can endanger the lives of people involved, especially if the device contains delicate information if it got to the wrong hands.

Individuals are also not safe in this kind of attack. In fact, they are the most vulnerable since they don’t have the capacity to protect themselves when data breach is concern. And a simple unencrypted flash drive or memory card can branch out to different problems like identity theft and other fraudulent acts that may use the data stored in your stolen device. In worst case scenarios, it can lead to serious and heinous crimes like stalking, kidnapping, and such.

But there are simple tips or reminders that you can follow and bear to mind to protect your dear files. These things are quite simple but simple and little things can save you in the long run.

  1. Do not leave your devices unattended. Do you often see the “Do not leave your valuables unattended” sign? Do the same for your gadgets. Treat your devices (e.i cameras, cellphones, flash drives, etc) as valuable investments. If you think of it that way, it will force you to value and protect them at all means. Do not leave them exposed or just hanging around in your house and in your car. Put it in a safe place as much as possible.
  2. Invest on a quality gadget. I know that we have a penchant for discounted items. But I suggest that you splurge a little when it comes to security of your gadgets. In terms of memory devices, get a flash drive that has a password-protect features like the 32GB Sandisk Cruzer Force USB Flash Drive. This flash drive has a Password Protection Software and 128-bit AES encryption for added protection.
  3. Do not forget to encrypt. If your flash drive do not the encryption features, download one over the net. There are free softwares like TrueEncrypt that you can use. But be wary also when using these programs as it might not be compatible with your device. Ask someone who know something about data encryption before you use it for your device.
  4. Back up. Backing up should be a standard procedure for memory device users so they have a copy in the event that the device got lost or corrupted. Invest in an online storage for safety or have them in your computer. But be sure to store them somewhere safe also.
  5. Go to the professionals. If your device got corrupted, take it to the nearest repair center. Do not try to fix it yourself as you might done more bad than good. A professional repairman knows exactly what to do in this situation.

Lastly, be responsible to your devices and the data inside. Keep in mind that everything inside can be used for you or against you.

Secure Your USB Flash Drive

USB drives are the most commonly utilized devices so that you can carry and exchange electronic data. As opposed to data recording methods some three years ago, everyone likes to utilize a USB drive today. In fact, you can also buy wholesale USB flash drives now. It is because facilities like stamping are very common and also if you do must print a large level of documents, it is possible to carry the information inside a USB until it has to be printed. In comparison to floppy disks, USB drives are a many more convenient. They could be easily carried inside your pocket. Furthermore, every computerized device now comes with a USB interface, which means that it is possible to transfer data from an old fashioned computer into a modern tablet COMPUTER.

Some day, it will be possible to handle and access gigabytes of knowledge in less than a minute with the aid of future impair technology – that day is just not yet here. Thankfully, thanks to transportable info storage devices, anybody can carry gigabytes of knowledge with them and it is easy to on any computer within just minutes or even seconds. But unlike cloud technology which usually uses encryption to secure important computer data in the impair, your average USB thumbs drive is not protected!

But this is where the situation lies. Microsoft windows do not have any alternative that allows you to password protect a USB. When you can hide certain data files and folders on your desktop, that can compare with like to be able to protect items using a password. For this reason, the sole option you have is always to resort to external plans. Several protective programs can then be downloaded on your desktop and are used to guard your USB drive using a pass word.

While these kinds of programs certainly are beneficial, you need to make certain you carefully pick the one you need to download. For starters, you must make certain you provide an antivirus program running on your desktop. This will likely help you in steering clear of malicious viruses concealed in these files and will prevent you from unintentionally infecting your current wholesale USB flash runs. Secondly, you need to make certain you check the reviews for a plan before downloading it. Can it seem too to be able to operate? Whether it does, it is probably best to go for anything simpler. Also, should you be looking for innovative protection, you should shell out the dough. Several authentic protection programs will charge an individual an adequate amount of currency order to keep the USB drive safeguarded.

The between a secure USB and non-secure USB can alter your life. Your individual data is more beneficial than you may consider, and according to stats, 7 out 9 people that find lost USB runs will not hesitate in accessing/viewing your personal info. To make matters more serious, if a criminal ultimately ends up finding your misplaced Usb thumb drive, you might end up your identity taken.

Therefore, whether it’s your lender statements, credit card assertions, financial spreadsheets or your diabolical plan to take control the earth, you have – at once or another : saved such information on outside portable runs. Despondently, it is . highly plausible which you have not considered password-protecting that drive : or perhaps the individual very sensitive files stored within the unit. Luckily, you can find multiple options and methods you can utilize to protected your Usb thumb drive. The 1st option is to in fact purchase a drive which includes integrated encryption. The next option should be to purchase USB locking software and install it in your existing Usb thumb drive – a less expensive alternative from the first one.

When saving money is of tiny concern to you, and then purchasing a USB hard drive already equipped with encryption can be the most suitable option for you, because devices can secure your current portable data without no setup. Additionally , these devices use diverse platforms for securing personal info. Some devices authenticate consumers through biometrics with integrated fingerprint readers- these devices are possibly the priciest in their individual category. Others simply need create password-protection through integrated application. Finally, some USB flash drives have a bodily keypad on the device alone which requires you to enter in numerical codes – sort such as an ATM pin – to acquire use of your locked info.

Today, without having money to be able to burn and want to check into a cheaper option regarding securing your USB flash unit, then it’s preferable to purchase a third-party program. There are merely a handful of applications that may reliably give you foolproof security for your current portable data – possibly the most popular security program has to be USB Protected. These data security software can be installed entirely on external drives and a lot of them are COMPUTER independent – they require simply no software installation on the other end.Secure Your USB Drive