Application of Custom USB Flash Drives In Your Business

A custom flash drive is the hottest promotional product in the market. Numbers of companies are using this product for promoting their business effectively. So many advertising products manufacturers are manufacturing advertising tools including promotional pen drives. Once prepared the several flash drives, they distribute this device among their customers and staff members. They are not just advertising of their company but also this drives helps them to storage and transfer digital data and media files. Probably you have an all idea about the custom pen drives, in the article you can see that you other essential use of this product.

Companies Information

You can easily storage and share your companies important information such as annual reports, investors lists, balance sheet, training, meeting, conference videos and so on in custom USB flash drives. Obviously, this information is in an enormous quantity but you can storage giant quantity of you companies’ information and easily carry with you anywhere. Nowadays, there are more chances of theft the crucial information due to unethical hacker and people with malicious intentions such as formulas, manufacturing cost, details of prestige customers, etc. However, you can easily protect and backup of vital information.

Prospective Customers

You can inform your prospective customers/clients about your products and service through installing all details about product, case study, references, key points and demo video in a promotional USB flash drives. You can save money on physical stuff such as catalog, broachers and banners through a digital form. This digital data you can share with pen drives. You not only save money on physical stuff but also save the environment. The acceptor read in detail about your service and product in their laptop while most of physical stuff people throw in dustbin once a read.

Use as a Gift

Obviously, you make close relations through the gift. Distribute the printed USB flash drives to your regular customers and your office staff. You should also give as a thank you gift to your prestige customers and prospective clients. They feel proud on a part of your business and they keep with it themselves hence you may get the attention from their close people.

Promotion Events/Trade Show

As a part of a corporate world, you also arranged some business events and participated in a few trade shows meanwhile the years. You should prepare bulk USB flash drives before such events so you will share basic information about your company to interested people. Thus, you can make your event and trade show a success.

Eventually, the custom flash drives are amazing products. You can use it in many ways for promoting your business and other office works.

Best Smartphones for Selfies

Selfies have become an omnipresent thing in our lives. Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore them. If you go through any mobile phone comparison, one aspect that is always detailed out is the front camera. While it’s no secret that the latest smartphone news will always compliment the main camera as being legions ahead of the front camera, there are a few handsets that can capture enviable selfies. So, which are the best smartphones for selfies? Given below are a few phones that come with particularly good front cameras:

HTC Desire Eye

Yes, Taiwanese maker HTC too jumped the bandwagon of selfie phones, by releasing its magnificent Desire Eye. This is a phone that comes with not only a 13 MP rear camera but also a 13 MP front camera, besides a rear and a front flash. The front camera is an auto focus one and also offers HDR photo mode. There are also several other modes to choose from, along with special photo effects.

Oppo N3

Undoubtedly, one of the best selfie smartphones out there, the N3 as a successor to the N1, made it to the latest smartphone news for its swivelling camera, which doubled up as a front and main camera. If you opt for a mobile phone comparison of the N1 and N3, you’ll see that the N1 came with a 13 MP clicker, while the N3 comes with a 16 MP one. The innovative device also comes with some interesting camera apps, allowing users to toggle with several shooting modes and after effects.

Nokia Lumia 735

Although this isn’t as recent a handset as the Desire Eye, it is still one of Nokia’s most successful selfie smartphones. This device came with a 5 MP front camera, along with a wide angle lens, which aimed to capture great groupfies too. Besides that, there’s also a slew of Lumia selfie apps to choose from, allowing you to make as many different changes to the pictures you’ve clicked as you like.

Micromax Canvas Selfie

Imagine a phone that has the word ‘selfie’ in it. Yes, the Micromax Canvas Selfie is the ultimate smartphone for the vanity queens out there. This smartphone not only comes with a 13 MP main and front camera but it also comes with dual flash and tons of effects, including make-up, touch-up and basically every facial effect you could wish for. Right from smoothing skin to applying bridal make up, you can do it all with the Canvas Selfie.

Sony Xperia C3

The Sony Xperia C3 is another also a phone that aims to capture great selfies, as it comes with a 5 MP front camera, with an LED flash. The front camera also comes with a wide angle lens, so you can click pictures in a group too. There are several camera effects that you can use too.