You Can Use Your Android Smartphone as WiFi Hotspot – Know How to do It?

The popularity of Android smartphones is gaining new altitudes as perceptible from the increased sale rates of these phones in the last five to six years. Whether it’s Samsung, Sony or HTC, Android phones are definitely one of the most preferred smartphones today all across the globe. Thanks to optimum user engagement and high usability that these phones propounds through its set of high tech features. One such feature that builds best-in-class experiences in Android smartphones is the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.

Know about Android Smartphone WiFi hotspot

In a layman explanation, a Wi-Fi hotspot can activate simultaneous wireless Internet access to multiple devices. This means while travelling or being at any wireless free space, Internet connectivity can be generated for multiple devices using the Wi-Fi Hotspot. Although, there are portable hotspot devices for wireless Internet connections, but what can be better if your very own handy smartphone can be transformed into a Hotspot? Android smartphones have definitely pleased the users by adopting the hotspot feature. Owing to this inbuilt feature, now there is no need of downloading any Internet connectivity app or carrying an extra device or to get tangled with the USB data cable.

Android brought the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature on board with Froyo Version 2.2, means almost all the latest Android phones possess in-built hotspot feature. Hence, almost all the latest Android smartphones can be used for tethering multiple devices anytime and anywhere, provided there is mobile network signal. Using this feature, up to six devices, let it be laptop, desktop, tablet or other smartphone, can be run on the 3G connectivity of the primary smartphone that serves as the access point for Internet wireless connection. However, the facility is not available for free of cost, just like other tethering plans even this facility is also charged upon. Rates can be confirmed contacting the respective Internet plan service provider.

Advantages of tethering through Android WI-Fi Hotspot

  • No need of data cable or Bluetooth connectivity
  • No app installation is required
  • Supports wireless Internet access to multiple devices unlike traditional tethering of one-to-one connection
  • Ensured Internet connectivity for up to six devices at non wireless connectivity space or on go mode

Learn how to use Android smartphone as Wi-Fi hotspot

“Setting”> “Wireless and Networks”> “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”> “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”

  • Go to the home screen menu and select “Setting”
  • Under it, select “Wireless and Networks” or “Network and Connection” (whichever way it is named in your device)
  • In the drop menu look for “Tethering and Portable Hotspot” (it will show up if the feature is inbuilt in your device)
  • Under this, section looks for “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot,” turn on it clicking the check mark beside it.
  • Once it gets activated and your phone becomes the access point for Internet wireless connection, you will see a message in the notification bar.
  • To set the connection, you will need the password. If you don’t know the default password, click on “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings” to get the password and note it.
  • In the “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings” section, you can also change the password, router name (SSID), security level and also users connected to your wireless connection of your phone.
  • Now, move to the device you need to get connected to the hotspot
  • If it’s a smartphone or tablet, Go to “Settings”>”Wireless and Networks”>”Wi-Fi Settings” and look for wireless networks and then select the hotspot connection.
  • If it’s a desktop or laptop, go to the wireless network icon that looks like two computers and appears on the taskbar towards the right side bottom of the screen.
  • Right click at “Open network connections” now look for the hotspot connection and select it.
  • Before setting the connection, all kind of devices (let it be smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) will ask for a password. Enter the password that you noted above and the connection is done.
  • You can now share the 3G Internet connection of your Android phone with six different devices.

By using the above listed tips you can easily start using your smartphone as Hotspot for wireless Internet connection. Although, the tips mentioned above are tested yet these may not work out if you have not applied in the order they have been mentioned. You may require further research online if these tips are proving out to be enough help for you.

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