To Have Mobile App Is Now A Necessity For Every Business

The explosion of smartphones over the last few years has provided businesses with unique sales, marketing and communication opportunities. Everyone nowadays is carrying mobile-phones; hence it’s become easier to reach the potential clients and customers anywhere possible.

It is surveyed that businesses will be spending much more on mobile apps over the next few years. Considering the research, the app market is expected to double through 2018, growing from $31 billion to approximately $61 billion.

Organizations are not only building mobile apps, but they are even building and deploying them to their workforces faster than ever before, this is kind of an indication that businesses of all sizes are shifting from expensive, resource-intensive custom builds to cloud-based mobile business app solutions.

Key finding of a survey:

Two thirds of respondents indicated that their organization used 1-5 mobile business apps in 2014, and a robust 20% of organizations used 10+ mobile business apps last year. Businesses that track their cost savings, out of those, 17% saved between $25000 – $100,000 annually switching to mobile apps, while 81% indicated cost saving between $1000 – $25000.┬áBusinesses are using mobile apps when it comes to a specific task, like inspections (52%), work orders (35%), checklists (20%), and surveys (20%) remain the four most popular.

Companies are offering their clients opportunities to interact with their products by developing mobile applications that allows users new way to interact with their product and services. Mobile applications allow better communication and engagement with their fans, customers, or potential customers.

There are many benefits to adopting mobile applications for businesses including productivity gains, cost reduction, sales performance, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. These benefits can be seen for both custom mobile solutions as well as off the shelf solutions available in app stores on Android and Apple.

These benefits are even greater when the companies decide to develop a custom mobile application that allows more flexibility and can address specific industry needs. The integration of custom mobile-applications can allow the company to radically redesign specific, allow mobile integration with core business processes and also allows accommodating the specific requirements into the applications.

No matter what the business is, a smartphone app can help get and retain customers. We all know that the first place customers search for a product or service is online. Hence, if the business is available online which has an app that can be downloaded by the users, the business is sure to reach success.

The Smart Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is easier said than done. Considering the plethora of phones with the diversity of technology they pack, it’s easy to understand why.

In the vast world of smartphones, phablets and tablets, Huawei honor is one name which is beginning to build a reputation for phones with cleverly packaged technology. Many of the models produced, sport the latest camera technology, to super-fast processors. The sub Rs.10,000 segment is where a lot of planning comes into play. It is here, where the spotlight shines, on the recently launched honor 4C online. The 4C is our solution to your smartphone decision woes. Touted as a big player in the segment, it comes brimmed with specifications to take care of your every need and beyond.

This is how honor has been able to 4Cee your smartphone wants:

Design – The looks of a mobile phone is the very first thing anyone will notice when taking a pick. The phone is quite slim, with the back made up of specially weaved fibers similar to that on the honor 4X which has earned strong reviews from users and technology enthusiasts. You can get it in three colours, Black, White and Gold.

Camera – You’re always looking to capture those moments, record those epic videos. With the 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front camera, it’s easier to capture more vibrant and stronger detail in images. The great part is even videos can be recorded in HD, so those amazing sunsets or those incident packed occasions are the perfect to flaunt that HD camera. You even get a load of features to click different sorts of images, from HDR to different image filters.

Display – The touch screen on the 4C is 5 inches HD display. Watching videos and playing games is a more vivid and vibrant experience with better detail, especially is your previous smartphone had a non-HD screen. The viewing angles and the colors make it easier to read into the screen, even under strong sunlight.

Network – The honor 4C is built with dual-micro SIM slots which support 2G and 3G networks. You can now go trekking, travelling to remote locations and chances are with 2 different 3G connections the phone will beep with connectivity to the world and easy browsing.

Storage – With the 4C you’ve got 8GB of internal storage and up to 32GB of external storage, which allows you to store hundreds of pictures, your favorite songs and movies, not to forget those all-important apps such as WeChat, skype, Instagram, etc.

Performance – What do you get when you infuse a phone with a 1.2 GHz, Octa-core processor? The performance is more than you could ask for, with games running seamlessly and easy multi-tasking between calls, apps and browsing.

Battery – We buy phones online not only for their strong specs but also the big battery life they boast. It is even better on the 4C, which sports a 2550 mAh battery, boosting the life of a single charge up to a day on moderate usage.