Factors to Consider While Selecting a Partner for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In today’s modern world, mobility is considered to be the most important aspect for enterprises. Tanks of businesses are opting for viable mobile strategies to help their business grow. Enterprise mobility solutions can improve client satisfaction, improve your sales and result in improved internal communication between the employees.

Enterprises are adopting mobility solutions to enhance their profits and growth. There’s a huge demand for mobile enterprise solutions these days. Business owners across the globe are replicating the existing applications and thinking of new ways to reap the benefits of mobility solutions.

Enterprise mobility solutions can fulfill all your business objectives. If you are looking for developing enterprise mobility strategy, you would need a knowledgeable mobility partner. Here are some important factors that you should consider to choose the right enterprise mobility solution provider:

  • Exposure to Agile methodologies:

As mobility is a new domain, you may need to make changes in the strategies or requirements. Hence, it is important to find a partner who is well versed with the use of Agile models. Enterprise mobility solution provider you choose should be familiar with Agile methodology and should be able to use it for developing the right application for your business. They should be able to adapt to the new technologies for ensuring that you get the best.

  • Covering data security:

Data security has always been a major concern for businesses. Mobility can add new twists to it. Hence, as there is important data involved, you need to find a partner who can offer complete security for the data.

  • Deploying flexibility and scalability:

Enterprise mobility solutions can be expensive for most of the organizations. Hence, business owners always look for solutions that require no upfront investment. SaaS based mobility solutions can be deployed to deliver business applications in a cost effective manner.

It is a good option to choose the service provider who offers cloud and on-premise deployment options for offering enterprise mobility solutions that help you achieve the maximum ROI.

  • Deep technical knowledge and skills:

People across the globe use multiple devices like tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. So, it is not necessary that all the devices have the same OS. Enterprise mobility solution provider should be able to deliver hybrid applications that work on all the major platforms.

While choosing the right service provider, it is a good option to know their technical skills and expertise.

  • Subject matter experts:

Most of the service providers can help you drive your business and create new opportunities for keeping the customers engaged. You should hire the company which has a team of creative professionals who have huge expertise in delivering enterprise business solutions according to the clients’ requirements.

The success story of Android Tablets and Smartphones

The success of tablets and smartphones supported the android operating system dominate the globe electronics market, not an occasion that happens suddenly. However it’s been designed since Google in November 2007 declared the formation of the Open handset Alliance to develop the OS Open source. Later this open operating system known as android.

The first phone mistreatment android operating system was released by Google with HTC in 2008. The phone is termed the T-Mobile G1 was launched in new york and is predicted by several to be ready to shake the dominance of Apple’s iPhone or BlackBerry smartphone.

G1 phone uses bit screen features and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Feature Wi-Fi, GPS, three megapixel camera, and instant messaging. G1 is supplied with varied online applications, like Gmail, YouTube and also ‘Google Maps Street View’.

Though the Android-based phones aren’t a rare shake up the market, however it appears to attract some massive companies to participate in developing the android software. At the end of 2008, fourteen new members joined consisting of varied companies within the field of technology. Among them are Sony Ericsson, ARM, Austen, Garmin, Huawei Technologies, Toshiba, and Vodafone.

Samsung is one of the successful firms adopt android, from the series Galaxy S that was introduced in 2010 to the third version of the well received by the market. This success made other vendors have also released the Android-based tablet with a high specification. Of course, they’re also competing to supply the cheapest value.

Although it’s an older version, Android 2.3 cake version of android remains the most wide used till the start of 2013, the number reached forty four.6 % of the market. Whereas the rest is controlled by ice cream Sandwich, and also the latest version of its, Jelly Bean.

The last tablet will adopt the newest version of it. jelly bean may be a new version of that consists of 2 variants, namely 4.1 and 4.2

It is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, and it is an open software (open source). Application developers don’t need to deal with procedures paid OS platform, as a result of they made the appliance freely distributed with open supply licenses, shareware or even freeware.

Google is serious concerning developing the first version of android to version four or known as jelly bean. From generation to generation, android continues to experience vital progress. Starting from technical performance, to show interface.

Since its launch the android software version 1.1 petit fours, February 9, 2009 Google showed that android development is finished continuously. Among a year may be released 2 new android versions. Android currently has reached version four. Reportedly in 2013 Google will release the newest version of android known as key lime Pie, is probably going to carry its 5.0 version .

Android as an open operating system managed to collect the actors within the field of mobile technology and tablets. Because they need constant interests, they type a synergy to shift the position of mobile phones and tablets supported different operating systems. Though substantially among the makers that use its operating system also happens tough competition.

It did manage to shift the dominance of the iPhone and iPad. However it truly is a competition between the android software utilized by several firms with iOS operating system utilized by Apple. To date, no individual company will match Apple.